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A blog? Again?

October 24, 2006

Here I am giving this another try. I think I just need to have some place to writ things down I guess. Xanga was awful because there were too many people i know who would use reading it as an excuse to not talk to me… like they would get all the erica updates they needed by reading the xanga… not chatting. boo, yeah?

I saw the craziest car accident tonight. There was one car on it’s side.. like completely UP on its driver side. wow. the second car was just around that corner smashed to death. The car on the end did not have a single broken window, it was just on its side… as if a giant picked it up, and carefully placed it up on it’s side. I just think it’s wild. It’s an hour later and I am still in disbelief. No one got hurt because there were no firetrucks, no ambulences.

i dont know wht i am writing right now… i just felt the need for an option for expression.

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