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Bad coffee and dry cinnamon rolls

November 7, 2006

Now, I wait for the pot of coffee to finish brewing with the anticipation whether it will be a good pot or not. I still have not gotten used to this tiny coffee pot we have. It was great for the dorms, but now it seems like it is dwarfed by our kitchen. (wait, that makes my kitchen sound big- it is not big by any standard, so that must say something about how small the coffee pot is).

It was not a good pot of coffee.

I drink it anyway.

I found this grocery store yesterday.. it’s called Stimmel’s Market. It has some cutesy stuff, I was just SO surprised at how bare the shelves were.. then I saw the giant coolers holding hundreds of different kinds of microbrewery beers… and the wine selection was huge. I bought a little pack of “India Pale Ale” by Boulder Beer Company. It was really hoppy and dry, with a really citrisy after taste. Delicious. I drank one last night after my day from hell. I hadn’t eaten at all yesterday; so it put me right to sleep. I also bought a cinnamon roll there, and the lady gave me a second one for free. So this morning I sit, drinking my bad coffee, and eating a dry cinnamon roll (because they sat out all night… I should have put them in a Ziploc). It’s an alright morning… I woke up super early with nightmares, probably because of drinking a beer for dinner and then going to bed.

I’m aching for a cup of coffee from Grounds, this coffee is awful… to bad it is raining, and I don’t feel like leaving anywhere in the rain. Coffee is one thing I cannot manage to conquer in the kitchen. I am a domestic diva when it comes to everything else, but when it comes to making coffee in that stupid little coffee pot… I fail. I hate it. Why can I not manage to make a decent cup of coffee?! I need a french press. Then I will have to get good at it. There will be no blaming the ridiculous coffee maker.

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