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Here we go!

January 9, 2007

I feel like I should let the world know what’s been going on in small parts of my life.

1. Classes. Well, there is not much to report. I have only had one thus far, and I think I will really enjoy it. Julie, my professor ewally seems like she is a cool person. I have the class during the dreaded 6-9 time slot, and honestly it stinks. I am glad that Julie is on the same planet as us and realizes that it does in fact stink. She informed us that we are more than welcome to bring in snacks and if we wanted, we could order pizzas too. I have been here three and a half years and have not had a professor who encourages pizzas to be ordered in her class. I also know two girls in the class which is totally cool.

2. My break. I spent 1/3 of my break dressed up as an elf waving to traffic in front of a jewelery store on the busiest road in my town. I actually enjoyed it! I had great company, Maggie (my soul mate/bff/fellow waitress) played Santa Claus and we had a blast while making a very large chunk of cash. The rest was spent being assertive with my family and spending too much money. Things were wierd… and I am still unsure about how I feel. We’ll see. I am on that balance between being a child and being an adult…. i don’t know.

I’ll continue. Please, don’t silently lurk. I hate lurkers. Let me know that you read me.

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