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January 12, 2007

I wandered around Walmart for an hour tonight. AN HOUR. Why can a coorporation I dislike so much hold my attention way longer than anything else I really like? My purchases included:
-chicken bullion granules
-sharpie markers
-ironable fusing to hem my pants
-blueberry pomegranite juice
-carnations for the kitchen

I really am that girl. The girl who goes into the store needing one thing, and then ends up buying several things that she doesn’t need. Yes, that is me, I am that girl. Did you know they dont sell air breathing animals at Walmart?

I have a job interview tomorrow. I am nervous, but is it weird that I am more excited? I kind of like interviews! There is one part where I am nervous… They are going to make me take a typing test. Let me tell all you lurkers right now, I am the worst typer. EVER. I have to look at the keys like a little kid.. and because I am such a bad speller, it is hard for me when I have to copy something. When there are words I can spell, I can type quickly… but that doesnt happen all that often. Usually looking at the word to spell trips me up and slows me down. HOPEFULLY they will not cover my hands so I cant look. I doubt it… but still

OKay 12:41 means it is time to go to bed and sleep well to kick ass on said interview!!

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  1. emily permalink
    January 13, 2007 3:44 pm

    I have a confession: I am one of your lurkers.

    I also have a problem at Wal-Mart. I wander around and go down every single asile, and usually with a cart, so I knock things into it without thinking much. How is that blueberry pomegranite juice? I think I’m going to try some. I usually stick to the old stand-by, orange, but I’m up for an adventure!

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