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January 17, 2007

Time this semester does not seem to be on my side. It’s only 11 days into it, and I am so behind on everything in my life… and I cannot seem to find the energy to catch up. My schoolwork is piled, and I have no time to do it. Italian club budget is due, and I have no time… let alone have the time to motivate or convince my cousin to do it. My timing is all wrong on delivering important news. My sleep schedule is even messed up… this past weekend really wore me out, so I feel like all my time should be devoted to making up for lost time in sleep.

(tick tock.. how did I find time to type this?)

I think I need a do-over of thepast 11 days. I would start the semester off right… and practice all the time management stuff I preached last semester in my class. Maybe I should make lists, make a schedule, use gmail’s calendar feature… anything. I need more time to make more time.

Dali’s clock is what I feel like is happening. (sidebar: i love his work… it’s so surreal and creepy- but at the same time dreamy and beautiful!) time is slowly melting and dripping away from me. Okay, no more for now…


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  1. emily permalink
    January 17, 2007 10:55 pm

    i find the google calendar to be extremely helpful. it’s color-coded and keeps me very organized.

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