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You’re Turning into a Poor Man’s Donald Trump..

February 15, 2007
oh no!

I am having a very strange day. Maybe it is an extremely social day where I am feeling anything BUT social? I don’t know. Because I only have an iPod shuffle, I cant control the order my music comes on in. The Lips keep coming on… and that only makes things stranger. I know that when they are in my dreams I will have a strange day… and now randomly they have been playing on my iPod.

Yesterday I shoveled out my entire parking spot and now I dont want to move my car… its the only snow-free spot in the lot. NOW I AM SO SO SO SORE.


weird, weird day. Maybe I didnt eat right, or take everything I was suposed to this morning- maybe it is the constant still state I am in because i am so incredibly sore and cannot move. (I took motrin, does that help?) I’m just in a really weird… mostly bad mood.


This desk is a mess. COME ON… community space?

(also it is a quiet workspace. OH MY GAH!)

I am so annoyed.

ps. matt is here, and he really makes me a happy girl…

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