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February 22, 2007

Chemically treated food….ew. I really am going to try to not eat that from now on, and here is why.

I get migraines. Bad ones. I lay up in bed exhausted from the worst headache of my life. Being a long time-sufferer, there are always reasons and triggers of migraines. I went to a job interview (which I ended up getting hired right on the spot!) and afterwards was so happy that I decided to use my free Chipotle coupon…. To splurge a little. So normally, I don’t eat meat because of how much it is treated with crap our bodies do not need. Would you willingly take a syringe of growth hormones and anti-biotic for fun? No, and neither would I. With my meat rule, chicken is especially bad… rarely can you find chicken that is free range, vegetarian fed, happy, non treated chicken. In chipotle, there is a big sign talking about how their chicken and pork (also a big offender) are all natural. So, being that the carnitas didn’t look too fresh, I opted for the chicken.

What was I thinking?

I got home at 2:30, and at my delicious meal. By 3:00 I was in pain. I immediately knew it was a chemical headache- it felt like all my skin on my head had shrunk and was having trouble fitting around my skull. So I napped because napping almost always can help a headache.

It didn’t help.

I woke up at 5 and still had it. I don’t know what I did for the next few hours…I made a fresh pasta sauce because I had organic basil that was about to go bad, I watched a little scrubs… just killed time like I always manage to do.

Cut to 10.

This stretchy-skinned headache has turned into an all out excruciating ordeal. I took a heavy dose of Excedrin, grabbed a cold compress from the freezer, and laid in the dark trying to lure the headache away. Every time I moved, breathed, smelled anything, saw anything, heard anything, did anything it would be unbearable. My scalp was numb with pain. Oh, it was AWFUL. I called my parents (old instinct we all have when we are sick) and they told me to have Jess take me to the emergency room. Now something else you should know about me. erica=deathly afraid of needles and hospitals. There was no way I would ever go to a hospital by my choice. Tonight, I put on shoes and started to look for my insurance card. When the noise of the drawers got so bad, I decided to drink as much water as I could to flush out my system and hopefully get rid of all the chemicals that were lingering.

40oz later…

I was just having a regular migraine, and I would take a regular migraine any day over that beast I had. I somehow managed to fall asleep around midnight, but now am up again due to a really disturbing dream that I am sure is a direct result of the chemicals.

I will not eat Chipotle ever again.
I will only eat foods when I eat out that have as few ingredients necessary.
I will continue to do a good job when cooking for myself by using all natural healthy foods.

I refuse to be that incapacitated by a goddamn giant burrito.

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  1. emily permalink
    February 22, 2007 2:30 pm

    I’m assuming you feel better now, so that’s good. I’m so sorry!

    Re: Your question
    I frequent LMARIES, it’s behind where the shed used to be, across the railroad tracks from Myles Dairy Queen. Also, they don’t use quarters there, they have cards that you put money on. There is also industrial sized washers and one HUGE dryer that fits all my clothing.

    Have a wonderful day!

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