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Today is a day of lack-luster performance

March 15, 2007

Yep. Lack-luster. I went to my first class like a good student should. I enjoyed it, and I am glad that I went. After that class I was in such an empowered mood…. and going to my next class would not be such a good thing for me. My prof, Dr. Makay is old-school to the extreme. He talks AT us, lectures for an hour about sometimes things so incoharent.. and it brings me down. SO I did not go. I didnt think that going to class to hear something I could better understand by reading the text would be worth my time.
Third class I did end up going to… and I am really glad that I did. We had a guest professor… and she spoke about the effects of feminism on chinese women. It was wonderful- I love hearing new perspectives on things, and I love hearing people talk about things that they are truly interested in- not to mention things that they know a whole lot about. After that class I was enlightened, and I couldnt bear to bring myself to go be talked at in econ. So, I didn’t go… and thats why it has been a day of lack-luster performance.

p.s. The student ORG suite has the most idiots on campus. I seriously heard a girl just ask, “what is a chewbaca?” and the other girl was like, “i think it is some kind of dog in a movie”. DOG IN A MOVIE????
Maybe it is because I might be a nerd… but seriously. Chewbaca is not some kind of dog.

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  1. emily permalink
    March 16, 2007 8:13 pm

    actual quote from the org suite:

    “And that was the night I found out I was allergic to roofies. Yeah, I know. I threw up blood. I mean, I wasn’t that drunk. I had only had ten beers.”

    then i punched myself in the face.

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