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April 6, 2007

Today, lmarie’s smells particularly clean for some reason. Maybe it is the detergent? I had a run-in with the owner… he is a inquizitive man. He asked me as to why i picked the washer that I did, and why I used one card machine compared to the other one, and whether or not i knew you could change the channel, and that it was free.

I just want to do my laundry.

Emily had this weird vision of us hiding in the bathroom at myles until after they closed…..

…. I swear we arent that strange (we do LOVE myles though).

I am watching this girl doing laundry, and she has the letters for “delta gamma” appliqued across her butt. She is folding her laundry, and has about 209439 colored t-shirts… all saying something about some event her sisters and her did. How much did she spend on all those shirts? wow. They do look cool though… she is rolling them up, and they all are stacked into a big pyramid. wow.

only a couple minutes more.. then I can put my stuff in the dryer.

The way to my heart is through my grocery cart.

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