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Things I think are nuts

April 10, 2007

-I just saw a girl walking across campus… wearing a flowing skirt and flipflops. Ok, so let’s review. It is cold outside. Flipflops and skirts are warm weather items. You dont wear warm weather items when it is cold outside!

-Scammie is getting married next weekend. WOW. That really is nuts to me. We were all there for the start of the fusion of Scott and Cammie to make “Scammie”. (I did get a cute dress for the wedding though!)

– I only have 3 weeks of classes left.. and I hate going to class. Wouldn’t the idea of it almost being OVER motivate me just to GO and get it over with? You would think so…. nuts.

oh man… time to go to class.

pace, amore, vino

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