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Time for a small update!

June 6, 2007

I have this tiny little space, my own little corner of the web- yet I do nothing with it! So for utility’s sake…. an update.

This summer has been a strange one so far… I just stayed in BG for a few weeks after classes ended and worked. When I had days off, I came home or went to Columbus to stay with David.

My mom and I just came back from the vacation from hell in Hilton Head Island. She went to spend time with her long-time friend K, and I went down to play nanny to her 2 daughters and their friend. Those girls constantly tried to dupe me, trick me into doing things I know they shouldn’t do, and just pretty much treat me like crap all week. By the end of the week, K went nuts and completely lost it on my mom… so I cut my employment a day short and we fled the island (via Motel 6 and Bloody Marys). Ask if you want the full story.. I assure you, it was crazy… and I am still kind of in disbelief about the whole thing.

It is time to go to the grocery… I am used to going shopping for myself and having just food in the pantry that I like and will eat… food that I picked out. We have nothing like that in our house, and so today is grocery day for my mom and I am going to pick out food that I like to eat.

…oh there is this new phase that I am in… and I am constantly hungry. CONSTANTLY. I must be growing or something. so, know i am off to the store to feed the hunger.

Italy in exactly 3 weeks.

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