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sette giorni! (one week)

June 21, 2007

So… exactly one week from right this moment, i will be on a plane somewhere- on my way to italy!!

What have I done since last time in preparation for my trip?

I went to the doctor’s today, and they made me get 2 shots… one in each arm. Little known fact about me…. I HATE SHOTS. I really do. I cry when I think about them. I shake uncontrollably when the needle gets near me… i hate getting shots. I am 21 years old, and have my nose pierced… and am seriously considering getting tattooed… and I cannot handle getting a simple vaccine. So because I got a tetanus shot, my left arm is impossibly bruised. ew. I also made the decision to find a grown-up doctor (I still go to my pediatrician… partly because of how bad I am at getting shots) when I found out the nurse who was weighing me and taking my blood pressure was born in 1984. WHAT?!? I decided that I am too old to go to the pedia when I am the same age as the nurses.

Today, also I went to the chiropractor. I love going there because 1. they do not ever use needles or shots as treatment… and 2. i always feel so good coming out of there. I am going back.. (get it? BACK) on Monday to get adjusted once more before the big trip.

Shoe shopping. I got two cute pairs of sensible walking shoes from DSW and saw Gracie (who works there now!). I guess that is it about the shoes.

Lydia has a bad cold, and I am washing my hands like crazy and am taking zycam and airborne just about every 45 minutes. I WILL NOT GET SICK BEFORE THE TRIP!!

um… so I just get really really tired, and I am going to go to bed. Oh hey, PS everyone can comment!

pace (peace)
amore (love)

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