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June 22, 2007

I went to the bank this morning… and picked up the Euro I ordered. Do you know how much it cost me? $1.53 USD per 1 Euro. Man. This is nuts.

I am starting to panic. I have 5 full days left to pack and get all ready. I said goodbye to David and his parents this morning… they are leaving for North Carolina for a vacation. I was invited, though I have to leave for this trip before they come back from theirs. I’m not sad though… come on! I get to live in Firenze for a month!

So I have been really reading up on past traveler’s tips about traveling in Florence. The number one thing they all say is BRING BUG SPRAY. Apparently the mosquitoes are murder there because of the river (In summer the water sits fairly stagnant). I read about these ‘zapper’ things that you plus into the outlets that attract the mosquitoes, then kill them. I just don’t see what would make a hungry mosquito want to head for the light when there is a sleeping person right around the corner! But, from what I have heard, they are the best thing ever to have.

I guess today is going to be full of packing (again). I guess I simply have way too much stuff, and I am going through everything and giving a ton to the salvation army.

Oh, and I decided that I am going to eat nothing but American food until I get there. I refuse to be one of those people studying overseas who says “Oh man, all I want is a BIGMAC!”. No. No way. I am going to be in the motherland with the best food ever… and you bet that I will be taking FULL advantage of the fact that everything at the open-air markets will be fresher-than-fresh, and the restaurants will have the best food. Also, watch out when I come back to the states with a whole new arsenal of cookery!

Alright, enough blogging today…

pace amore

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