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oh, time

February 13, 2008

So after discovering that many more people besides Emily read this little slice of webspace, I decided that updating more often is in order.

Recently, I have been so incredibly busy. Like, really busy. It is my choice I know, I’m the one who signs up for all sorts of meetings, bakery shifts, and classes… but there is something about being busy that I like. I don’t feel like I am wasting time. So, of course, when I am at home all I want to do is sleep and plan the wedding.

Now, I am making my mind up to not be that girl, the one who is constantly talking about her wedding… but sometimes I can’t help it- it’s always on my mind, and that is hard to not talk about something that is at the tip of my mind.

So, not much to report yet, just a little note to wish everyone a very lovely Valentine’s Day tomorrow 🙂 Do something nice for someone.

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