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What a Wonderful Wake-Up

February 26, 2008
Here’s an email I received this morning at 6:26AM. I had no idea that it had even snowed at all. This is the class that I have at 9:30:

Hi, folks,
We’re under a level 1 snow emergency (many area counties are under a level 2), I can’t get my car out, and I know a number of you live out of town.
We’ll see you Thursday,

I ran to the window and looked outside and the whole world was covered in snow! It’s still snowing, and we’ll see what my final cancellation total will be. 


Another class may be cancelled!!
(I voted for 2)
Morning everyone,

I’m writing to see if you wish to meet for class today. I came down with something yesterday (either flu or bad cold), which has rendered me without a voice right now. I can still come in from Perrysburg (which is on the border of a level 1 and level 2 emergency), but wanted to hear your thoughts.

Please send in your votes for either choice 1 or 2 below:

1. _______meet in class and work on group projects (to be presented week after spring break)

2. _______don’t meet in class, work on group projects on your own (to be presented week after spring break)

Thanks, Dr Lara

oh yeah, 3 of my 5 were cancelled today.
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