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You Know What To Do!

March 9, 2008

Spring forward, y’all.

As usual, I was cheated out of an hour of my spring break. 

Actually I feel like I was cheated out of much more than an hour. Friday morning it began to snow at 9. By noon the roads were in really bad shape, and by the time it was dark everything was covered in at least 8 inches. Oh, it gets better. Yesterday morning I woke up to a world of huge drifts and actual blizzard conditions.  
My favorite part? Watching Zorro get let into the back yard. He would go out and just get so confused why there were white walls preventing him from going into the yard, and his solution was just to bark. He barked and growled and snarled at the snow drifts. Man, he sure was showing them who the boss was. My mom has pictures of him leaping like a rabbit while barking like a maniac in the snow.  I’ll post them as soon as she emails them to me
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