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Will You Be My Bambina?

March 10, 2008

I couldn’t sleep last night and mistakenly watched an episode of That’s Amore‘, with Domenico of Shot at Love fame. You remember, the annoyingly “Italian” guy who ran around in a verde, bianco e rosso speedo?

Yeah, Him.

The thing about the show that kills me is all the awful stereotypes. I know, I know… it is a goofy reality show. Do they have to do the interviews sitting at a table covered in that cheesy checkered table cloth with cured meats hanging behind them? Do the girls really have to participate in spaghetti and meatball fights in order to win this man’s amore’? Come on, ladies… Now I hope you all don’t think that this is normal Italian fantasy.

My favorite part about that show is the Italian phrases he mixes with English to create catchphrases for the show. These include

  • “Will you be my bambina?” (Will you be my little girl?)- This is what he asks the girls when he gives them a flag.
    • Not to be confused with other catch phrases such as:
      • I’m offering you a shot of love. Are you interested?
      • Will you rock my world?
      • You are one step closer to becoming America’s next top model.
  • “Ciao Bella” (Hello/Goodbye Beautiful)- When eliminated, this is the phrase that he says to the girls. My favorite line from the whole show?
    • A heartbroken bambina after eliminated; “Ciao Bella in American is get the fuck out” (almost laughed so hard, I was worried I woke my sleeping roommate up.

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  1. emily permalink
    March 10, 2008 3:06 pm

    Did you watch last night? I fell asleep half way through, but my favorite part was when he yelled “MAKE-A-MIA-PIZZA!” at the beginning of the challenge. Really Domenico?

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