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Moving Time

May 14, 2008

Last week I spent the entire week preparing to move out of my BG apartment, and I really thought because of all the stuff I had, that it was going to be impossible. Emily to the rescue. She came over at my weakest moment, and made me get rid of stuff. I can not thank her enough. 


After most of the heavy lifting was done, we were starving and went to drop a van-load of stuff off at the salvation army and picked up a free pizza she had a coupon for. We brought it back to the apartment, sat on the floor eating the pizza straight from the box and drinking beer straight from the bottle. it was then that I realized just how fast we grew up. It was a really weird feeling- knowing that being who I am is no longer an excuse for being irresponsible or disorganized. After all was packed away into boxes, we danced around to Christmas music in the empty apartment. It was a nice last day in the apartment and in Bowling Green.

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