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A Dedication to Emily Written 1/30/04

May 30, 2008

I dug up my old Xanga and have been having a ball reading it, and then came across this jem of a post. Man, emily- who would have thought that we’d still be so close? enjoy.


Ok, first off I want to thank EMILY BERENS for commenting on my site. it makes me happy, and makes me feel loved that someone reads it, and then leaves me a little note! This Entry is dedicated to Emily… and my profile pic is emily… as batman. Emily has been my friend since we were little seventh graders. It all really started when i had gym class and forgot gym shoes, and i passed emily in the mass chaos of watts halls, and i figured since she was short like me, she would have small feet, as i do. So i asked her if i could borrow her tennishoes, and she agreed. we shwiched, and without putting them on, we parted ways. when i got to gym, i slipped the shoes on, only to realize that the shoes were about 4 sizes too big for me. after gym, we shitched back, and thats when the first nicknames were born… Emily was Bigfoot, and i ws littlefoot. A couple weeks later, my mom and i were at some intersection, turning left, and emily and her mom pull up to turn the other left. Emily and i both see eachother, and put our feet on the dashboard, and point to out feet. as we drove away after turning, my mother turned to me and was like, who WAS that girl? I merely laughed, said, BIGFOOT!

through the years, there have been other hillarious things, that we seem to think are funny, but not too many other people get. Take for example, INDUTREAL BEAVER, I KOMONO, THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW, THE CHICKEN POPS, BRIAN.. YOURE SO BIG AND SMART, and, most of all, the car engagement. We had some great adventures with victor.Victor will never fall in love, for as long as he lives.

There were good times at the bakery, with Ron. All the free cookies somehow made up for his terriable job at being a business man. Name that bread needs to be a real gameshow. All in all, now that it’s ended, I’m so glad that I quit.

Ive heard her say to someone… “If i was this wierd in middle school, you wouldnt be friends with me” and frankly emily, i really would be friends with you, because i love the wierdness! and if you wern’t wierd, who would  you be? AH! Im so glad shes BG-ing next year. even though youre feet may grow bigger then they were in 7th grade, you wil still be my big foot. I WUV YOU EMME! GABI!

ps…. MIS HIJAS……………………….. 

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