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So Far Today…

June 18, 2008

As I asked him to, David called and woke me up when he was going into work. It was about 7:45 and rather than rolling over and falling back asleep- I decided to get up and get a move on the day. I had tons of laundry to do and am going to Columbus to stay with him for a few days before Teena’s wedding in Cleveland. Slowly everyone else in the house made their ways out of bed and into the kitchen. Gracie had nightmares the night before- and I worry that they were focused on the Robot song by Flight of the Conchords that I had been listening to before she fell asleep (it wasn’t on purpose- it came on shuffle). 

I think the “humans are dead, we used poisonous gasses, and poisoned their asses” part that freaked her out. She was still talking about robots this morning. I’m really not used to little kids being around… this morning my dad asked when I was going to get all my crap (laundry stuff) out of the laundry room. Gracie responded with “you aren’t allowed to say that word!”. I can’t help but laugh at almost everything she says- it’s so candid, she doesn’t try to be funny or witty- it is just what she is thinking and what comes out. Seriously, she is the cutest child in all of history.My favorite things she says… Crocodiles and alligators = Crocodots. The whole time she was here she was looking for crocodots- on the boat, in the pool, etc. She was particularly excited when we went to the Newport Aquarium and actually saw some real live crocodots.

They were going back this morning and because David and I will be in Cleveland this weekend- my mom decided to go with them and stay with my Grama and Auntie for a few days and then drive back with us when we come home on Sunday. She’s been wanting to go to Cleveland for awhile now, I’m glad that she gets to go. 

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