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Grama’s House

June 21, 2008

I am in Cleveland- today is Teena and Kevin’s wedding. Last night we got here to a massive homemade pizza dinner (love my Italian side) and my Great Aunt (Auntie), Uncle Michael, Aunt Karen, Uncle Paul, Aunt Lisa and the new baby Paul were over. I showed my Grama who is constantly amazed about technology photobooth.

Isn’t My Grampa Handsome?             

I love my Grama and Grampa more than anything. I have grown so close to them in the past few years- I really couldn’t ask for better grandparents. My dad’s parents are very distant… by their choice. They are very cold to my mother and so never had any intrest to know me. My cousins and I are so extremely lucky to have such wonderful grandparents. They are so good to David, too. They treat him like one of their own. David and I are getting married on October 18- which will be their 56th wedding anniversary. We thought it was fitting to honor the two people with the best relationship that we know and it would be good luck to be married on the same day as them. 

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