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Oh So Sick

June 26, 2008

What a sick girl I am. On Tuesday, mom, Taki (the mother in law to be) and I went on a day trip to IKEA. We went on the path upstairs looking at everything in the showroom- then had lunch before tackling the marketplace downstairs. I had heard so many wonderful things about the Ikea Swedish meatballs in the restaurant so I decided to skip over the greasy- but delicious looking chicken fingers and fries and order the meatballs. Oh man were they delicious. They were soft, and served with mashed potatoes, gravy, and lingonberry sauce. The picture I posted shows the meal with whole potatoes… not the mashed (skin-on) potatoes that I ate with my meal. The delicious Ikea food did not stop there. I had crunchy, chocolate cookies, bites of Taki’s mocha crunch cake she bought, and then to top it all off- I had a cinnamon roll as we left the store. What a glutton I am. 

The rest of the day was really nice. I ended up buying a few cool new toys for the kitchen from Ikea… including a battery powered milk frothing wand that I am oh-so-excited to try out (we have no milk) and a gorgeous iced tea set. Later I met up with Gracie and we went to Bar Louie for Dollar Burger Night- then we stopped by Trader Joe’s for wine and snacks. Her aunt is out of town and Gracie is dog sitting, and Kiwi and I were going to stay the night. We had a wonderful time… until around 1am, out of nowhere I was flat on my ass, nauseous like no other. I eventually threw up until there was nothing left on my stomach. I know it was not the wine that made me sick… I had only 4 glasses over a 4 or 5 hour period. That is nothing out of the ordinary for me. 

I know it has to be something I ate. Maybe the meatballs? I have a very sensitive stomach to begin with but this little bout with food poisoning or whatever it might be really stopped me in my tracks. I’ve probably slept 19 out of the past 24 hours… and am having a really hard time eating anything. I had a prescription to fill this morning to clear up my face so I went up to the hospital where my mom works. All the ladies who she works with were like, woah- Erica you aren’t looking so great. Thanks, Ladies. I talked to one of the nurses and she said with food poisoning- symptoms usually last 24-48 hours… so hopefully they’ll go away relatively soon… that would be ideal. 

Today, I have my first tennis lesson with Karin, Gracie, and Bonnie and I hope by 2:30 I will be well enough to play. I have a sneaking suspicion that I won’t be… but here’s to hoping. I also want to go to Columbus this evening… but we’ll see. I don’t want to rush anything. 

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