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Getting Cuter…

June 27, 2008

It’s been about 2 weeks and his hair is finally starting to grow back!



I feel 100% better and I’m off to Columbus for the weekend. Not sure if there will be much blogging happening. We have a really busy trip planned. Tonight will be relaxing, but tomorrow I am meeting the MIL (mother-in-law, aka Taki) at Nordstroms to find a dress for the wedding. David and his dad will probably go to some sort of electronics store or Brooks Brothers. There is some big sale going on at Brooks Brothers and David wants to buy a new suit. We’ll all meet up for lunch- then David and I are going to go to Comfest for the rest of the day, and then again on Sunday. It’s our first one, and we are pretty excited. We figured since we will be Columbus residents for a while, we might as well be true ones. 


I’m off to try out the gym mom and I found. This morning I went to see how much they cost and what they have to offer, and I really like that it is a no-frills family style gym. They are really affordable- and the atmosphere is what I would like in a gym. They gave us a few free passes to try it before we sign a contract, and so I think I should go work out before a weekend where I know that I will be eating food that I shouldn’t be eating. Oh well, I figured even if the wedding is in 3 1/2 months- I’d rather be happy than starve.  


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