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Hanging Out

June 29, 2008

This is me and David. I call him Dave-o… always have.

His parents were here all day- we ate two different meals, went to two different malls and met a man named “Day Power”. I think it was his stage name- he is the suit consultant at Brooks Brothers. He is a former dancer… and so I was doing ballet in the dressing room while David was trying on a suit (he looks SO handsome in it… let me tell you).Day got a kick out of it- and I am certain that David’s parents were thinking once again “Who did our son decide to marry???”

Day was wearing glasses like these…except it was two square frames and no round side.    He was a pretty cool guy- I tried googling him… nothing came up. He was a really cool guy- I hope I get to talk to him again. He was telling us about his fight with cancer and I really connected with him. He had two hearing aides, and I feel like he should be retired by now. I just hope he is happy with his life- he wears a wedding band and was talking about his partner in the past tense. I just hope that he is still with him- dancing and designing floral arrangements like they were doing in California (I swear- this guy told us his whole life story!)

Tonight we are taking it easy- possibly walking down to Grandview and seeing what is going on. That is one thing I love about this town- there is always life and something to do. I can’t wait to live here permanently.

Also- I realized that is a really really horrible picture of David. Here’s a nice one.

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  1. snerebylime permalink
    July 3, 2008 12:52 pm

    Rhine McClin glasses!

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