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Bittersweet Ramblings

July 6, 2008

Today is the end of one of my favorite holidays of the year. Every year in Centerville we have the Americana Parade and Festival. It’s this joyful small-town parade that pretty much any community group is allowed to be in and goes off rain or shine. Today it was rain- yet parking was still impossible, and there were hordes of people huddled in umbrellas, ponchos, and blankets to cheer and wave at the parade. There is also a street fair where tons of vendors come out to sell goods, a classic car show, and lots of food that is crummy. We didn’t make it to the festival because by the time that the parade was over- we were soaking wet and it was time for Obachan’s 92nd birthday lunch celebration. 92 man. Can you believe it? The woman still lives alone in New York City and travels back and forth alone. She is amazing, so any chance I get- i celebrate her honor.


On the converse of celebrating long life… it has been one year since Jacob was killed. only 24 years old. Too young. The man who shot them just was sentenced to life in jail with no parole. Good. He’s nuts and deserves to be taken away from every aspect of life… yet I thought it was unfair and unjust for him to have the possibility of the death penalty. That would hurt his family the same that Jacob’s death hurt- and his family seem to be good people, they don’t deserve to lose their father, son, or husband too. I hope he lives a very long miserable life in prison. 

Firecrackers aren’t the same for me anymore. The reason Jacob isn’t here is because they were having a 4th of July celebration with all small bottle rockets and firecrackers (everything was accounted for and it was all legal) and the next door neighbor went nuts and came over just after midnight and went on a shooting rampage. He killed Jacob and two other people. My other cousin- John was in the house and didn’t come out until after he ran out of bullets in the gun. No one deserves to lose a family member or loved one- but I feel like it hit my uncle harder than it would have to anyone else. I pray everyday that he is strong for his two remaining children, Nicole and John- their mother was also killed years ago in a freak accident on the highway. 

I know that it isn’t the most cheery posting- but it is on my mind. I hope Jacob is with his mom and happy.

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