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Lots to Do and to Be Excited About

July 15, 2008

Here is what my life has been like lately….


141 Tiny Clocks. All wrapped and tied with a pretty copper bow. Many thanks to Gracie and Kiwi (her real name is Amanda) who came over and helped with this huge task. 



Tennis Lessons. My friend, Karin, put together a weekly group lesson for a few of us and I have been having a blast. The lessons are dirt cheap, and are an hour long every week. Never before have I played tennis… or any other real “sport”, but I am really having a great time and really trying to learn and get better at it. Pictures from left to right (Karin demonstrating a serve, Group shot after a lesson, Brennan the tennis teacher…pro?) I am really blessed to have such a great group of girlfriends. We all met in middle or elementary school, and have been super close since. It is such a great thing to have a long history with your girlfriends.

Tomorrow most of us are taking a trip down 75 to IKEA, Bridal & Formal, and to top it all off- Haufbrauhaus. (Goodness- I butchered that spelling!) You all can be 100% certain that I won’t be getting another order of Swedish Meatballs at IKEA. A couple of the girls are going to be living on their own fairly soon when they go away to graduate school, and IKEA is the perfect place to get ‘stuff’ to make a tiny apartment a home. I am going because I am buying the glasses to use as vases for the wedding centerpieces… and for the cinnamon rolls. Further down the highway is Bridal and Formal- where I bought my wedding dress and shoes. I am dying my shoes a light blue, and so while we are down near the exit- we are going to make a pit stop to drop the shoes off to be dyed. 

Last stop will be in Newport… Haufbrauhaus! It’s a German Beer Garden- complete with picnic tables outside and giant pitchers of Beer. Karin volunteered to drive, and will only taste the beers we order… Which is very responsible of her. Next time, a different one of us will drive. That’s how we roll- no way will any of us get in the car after drinking. 

I’m looking forward to a great day tomorrow. I have an orientation to my new job at 11 am, and the “Tour de 75” starts at 3!! 

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  1. July 17, 2008 9:24 pm

    Woodhaven! My old summer home, sigh…

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