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Stuff I bought Today

July 17, 2008

IKEA. I love that store! 3 treasures…


1. Leash Hook in the shape of a dog tail. I think we will be adding a magnet to the back of this and hanging it on the cool magnet board that is in the pantry. A handy and fitting place to keep the leash. $1.99



2. Cool Soft lighting to use as a reading lamp for Columbus. I have a new nightstand in my room at David’s and no lamp. I decided to get this one because it was a cool shape, only used a very low wattage lightbulb and was all glass. Now, I can get into the light as I need it instead of crawling over David to get to a lamp. $6.99





3. Scrub brush with suction cup for the dishes. I hate sponges… I feel like they are really dirty and always full of germs. This one was $.99 and I know it is a good one because my mom bought one last time that we were at IKEA. I like the little suction deal because I can stick it on the sink standing up so it dries completely to prevent germs.

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