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I need to stop watching cooking shows.

July 21, 2008

It’s been the hottest week this whole year- and the apartment has no central air… just a small unit in the living room window. Saturday morning I was watching PBS, and this Mexican cooking show came on- this nerdyish white guy named Rick Bayless- and was making this ‘easy meal fit to entertain’. He made this fabulous cake, these amazing spare ribs, and this easy but to-die-for soup.  Oh my goodness. I was sold.. I had to make this soup.


Cut to tonight. David had his bar league volleyball game tonight in Dublin- and there just happens to be a Whole Foods in the same neighborhood. We drove up together, and I dropped him off at the bar and I went to do my favorite thing in the world- grocery shop. Throughout the store, the ingredients for the soup kept catching my eye- so I decided to purchase all organic versions of the soup components. Spicy chorizo, yellow peppers to roast, and kale. All fresh and wonderful.


We get home and I start to cook. Now, remember- it’s about 86 out with the stickiest humidity imaginable. What made me decide that SOUP was a good idea? I had all the fans in the house going which counteracted the gas stove, literally slaving over a hot stove. The soup didn’t take all that long- and I was miserable by the time it was finished… but man was it good. David really really enjoyed it too. 


Best part…. he cleaned the kitchen for me 🙂

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