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Panera, working?

July 29, 2008

Sitting here at the mall Panera, which I have begun to refer to as my office. My typical seat is taken and I have been forced to move to a booth across the way. Honestly- it was a welcome adjustment as I am feeling cosy and comfortable inside the booth…. almost hidden away… except there is this small child gurgling and smiling at me, and the mother keeps giving me a dirty look. Whatever- its not like i MADE the child look at me and smile at me. I hope I am not crazy like that as a parent. I have to make a call to the church where David was baptized so they can send me a copy of his baptismal certificate, but this little girl won’t stop screaming and crying.

So as I sit here at Panera, I am trying with all my might to start to do some work. That’s something new that has happened in my life- I have a job. I ended up getting a job as a marketing director for a junk removal company!! How perfect is that? I am a person who has a tendency to collect clutter who also has a marketing degree. This is just a temporary job- I’m basically a consultant for them so I can get some of their major marketing projects out of the way for them during their busy season. It’s a pretty good gig. The people I work for are really great- they are the parents of one of David’s childhood friends (Brandon) and have always been really good to us. I do all my work on my own time, which is really great when you are in the trenches of planning a wedding. 

So I finished my lunch awhile ago, was able to contact the Records at Notre Dame, and nothing productive came out of that. The woman I need to talk to will be out of town until Aug 11 (when, coincidentally, is when I will be out of town).


All in all, Panera hasn’t been too productive. I did, however find a song that brought tears to my eyes. 

(The Section Quartet’s version of Such Great Heights…. WOW)

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  1. August 20, 2008 9:24 pm

    Did you make those gorgeous cookies yourself? They look beautiful and delicious!

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