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August 9, 2008

Greetings from the beach! 


So I am on vacation with the T family, right now it is just David, John and Taki, but soon enough it will be Johns brother, sister in law, niece, sister in law’s sister and her husband and 3 kids. Wow. 11 people. 


The house is rented and it is right on the beach. While John and Taki went to the grocery this afternoon, david and I went swimming. My family used to go to this beach every year- but haven’t in about 10 years. It’s wonderful that they invited me- but I am homesick for my family’s Outer Banks vacations.  

The water was amazing- went went swimming- and i ended up getting knocked over by a big wave and now (on day one) have a big bleeding scrape on my hip. While that sounds awful- it doesn’t hurt, and I even kind of like having battle wounds- they yield a story. I also have sand in my ears and stuck onto my skin.

I am hungry from swimming and we are having pizza for dinner… there is no sense in making the kitchen a mess before the rest of the crew get here.

Home sweet Home for the next week. 

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