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It’s been Awhile.

August 25, 2008

Yesterday I took all of the invitations to the post office and sent them away! I don’t remember if I posted before about it, but I did the invitations on my own (without a stationer or a designer at a printing company). After going to several stationers, I realized that I had a tendency to favor the most expensive invitations in the books… invitations that I could easily make on my own. So I went to the paper store in my town and got to work. I had a wonderful, wonderful time picking out color combinations of paper, and dreaming up designs to use. I ended up picking out a really gorgeous shimmery brown card-stock to use as a base, a similar shimmery light blue paper to act as a the second layer, and then I picked a creamy natural color to have the information printed on.  I used my faithful ibook, and tied a ribbon, and created this:

I mean, of course it is just the sample, I ended up going to a printers to have them print the top layer thermographically (raised). The ribbon I ended up using has more of a satiny sheen to it, rather than using a grosgrain ribbon. I was extremely pleased with them…. Until I had to tie all the stinking bows on them. All 100 of the invitations needed a bow, and I feel like I will probally have carpel-tunnel from tying all those ribbons into tiny bows. 

***Ladies (or go-getting-gents), if you have the time and creative ability to make your own wedding invitations, let me leave you with fair warning that bows are the worst idea in the world if you are tying them all*** 

In the end, I am extremely pleased with how my wedding invitations turned out. I ended up saving hundreds of dollars (I only spent around $200, including postage on them!) and love love love how the look and feel. While they were a pain in the butt, the bows are beautiful, and am really glad that I used them. 

Now that there are 8(I think?) weeks left and the invitations went out into the world- it is really feeling real, and I am very very excited!! This weekend I started to move my clothes into David’s apartment and unpacked all the new “toys” from the shower. I am really trying to live by the rule of getting rid of something when something new is brought into the house because David and I both have the tendency to hoard ‘stuff’ and we will be living in a very tiny apartment together. We unpacked the new kitchen tools and appliances, the new towels, and best of all the luxurious feather bed topper for the bed. So- I packed up a big box of kitchen stuff we no longer needed and brought it home to give to my sister because she is in her first apartment and has a kitchen that could use furnishing. I still need to go though the linen closet to see what can be purged from there to the salvation army. 

This tiny apartment is starting to feel less like a place I visit often and more like a home. David is where “Here comes the bride meets here comes all her stuff”.


I’m there. 

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  1. Sarah permalink
    August 25, 2008 2:52 am

    Good for you! The invites look beautiful! 🙂 Congrats again!!!! Whens the big day?

    Oh and thanks for the wishes for tomorrow. I’ll need all the luck I can get.

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