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We’ll be Happy.

August 27, 2008

At Starbucks again. For some reason, yesterday’s post about people being chatty came up under today. 

People aren’t in as good of a mood today- maybe it is rainy, or chillier here than it was yesterday, or maybe the mood was a unique mix of perfect caffination and cheer caused by coffee. My friend, (I’ve been calling him Captain America because, well, that’s who I thought he looked like until I realized that I was thinking of Aqua Man), is here, and he was talking to the same woman as yesterday. He is on the other side of the store today- most likely watching videos of the DNC like he was yesterday. He’s a super nice guy. He’s the only one I recognize from yesterday.

So two big things pertaining to the wedding happened yesterday. My wedding band came (!) and it is absolutely beautiful! I wore it for about 5 hours yesterday because I was afraid to take it off. I got really REALLY lucky with the band because of and thanks to Taki. Right now, I am relatively unemployed and David is a PhD student… so the only type of band we could have afforded was a simple white gold band that matches my engagement ring. Taki (my future mother-in-law) steps in and says that she has a diamond heart necklace that she had won in a raffle years ago that she never wears. She gives me this ring to take to our jewelers to have him put into a band for me. It took him 3 months, but yesterday I went and picked it up. Oh my goodness, it is the most beautiful wedding band I have ever seen, and I can’t be more excited to wear it because of the meaning. The stones came with love from my beautiful mother-in-law, and it is a beautiful gift from my fabulous fiance with love. I don’t want to wait 50 days to wear it! 

I am getting to the point that I want to by-pass all the planning and froof, and have a simple wedding with David, our parents, and my sister there. I think that if that was what I really wanted that I would have done it, but i am thrilled about the idea of everyone that I have ever loved being in the same room as David and Me. I talk like things are getting out of control, but to be honest, they are all perfectly cool, calm and under control. For the first time in my whole life I am extremely organized, and couldn’t be happier. 

Yesterday I also went to the seamstress to get my dress pinned for the alterations. Every time I put that dress on I get more and more excited. It is the most beautiful garment that I have ever owned and worn, and can’t wait until the day where I actually get to wear it. At first I didn’t want to wear much of a veil at all, but I ended up picking a veil the length of my train. The church is huge, and the dress is very dramatic, and really, I only get to be a bride once…

I am just so excited to be able to be with him day after day, and finally be able to make a life with each other. While the dress, and the vacation and the invitations and the reception are a great deal of fun… those are all perks and kind of added bonuses on an already amazing deal. I get to marry the love of my life.

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  1. September 4, 2008 3:10 am

    I recall my grandmother telling me that the wedding was just the beginning, and that the marriage is the most important thing…It sounds like you have that concept down, and are enjoying each moment of anticipation. That seems like a sensible and grateful approach to a lovely, well-thought-out and life-changing event.
    Your mother-in-law’s gift is a beautiful symbol of her feelings for you. What a great way to begin your marriage, with her blessing on your finger, along with your love’s ring!

    Being able to wake up with your love, day after day, sharing & intertwining your lives, is one of the sweetest gifts we have, in my opinion. I am so thankful for that privilege, and I pray that your union will be blessed with growing and lasting love and mutual appreciation.

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