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Luckiest Girl Ever.

September 5, 2008

So I had my wisdom teeth extracted yesterday, and I have been home for 24 hours now. I have had an amazing recovery so far. Yes, I have had some bleeding, pain and swelling- but I have been up and alert for most of it. I have been a little overzealous about eating- but that’s because I’ve been hungry! A girl can only eat so many servings of mashed potatoes, apple sauce and chocolate pudding. My favorite thing has been strawberry milkshakes from Mcdonalds. I’ve had two! I woke up at 5 this morning with some pain, so I redid my ice, plus added a second ice bag so I had one on each side, took another Motrin and Vicodin and went back to bed. I just woke back up I rinsed with the worst tasting stuff in the whole world. The big industral prescription bottle has a little sticker on it that says “mint flavored!” and I wondered… really? It has antibacterial stuff in it, so I will begrudgingly continue to use it. 


My mom has ben so amazing in helping me. She has been to McDonalds twice for milkshakes- made me ice packs, let me watch Entourage episodes I’ve seen already, and kept track of my meds. She has proven to me that I am never too old to have your mother take care of me. THANK YOU MOM!


And, now ‘my face’ for the past 24 hours…

The one with all the fabric on my head was from about 5AM, when I was really swollen. The last one, I am still swollen, but the ice helped a TON.


UPDATE (12:06 PM)

Not feeling so hot.

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