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It’s an Apple Convention in Starbucks

September 9, 2008

There are several people sitting around me (all using macboooks), I’m working at my “Oakwood Office” yet again, just like I am every day- but for some reason none of my co-workers are here. There is the bald motorcycle 30 something guy who wears chucks and goes by Brian, Captain America, and the pretty spin-class mother who has a crush on Captain America. We all sit in the same nook, and no one talks to each other- we just are. It’s really great, and I miss them today… it’s not the same atmosphere as it usually is. 

Last night we had a really bad thunderstorm, the doppler was almost all red and yellow- and it rained all night and most of the morning. When I left the house this morning- it looked and FELT like fall- to the point that I needed to go in and change  what I had on, and to grab a sweatshirt (that I later realized had strawberry milkshake all over it from when I was still under the effects of the anesthetic from surgery). The very fact that it feels like fall is so comforting to me. This is the first year in as long as I can remember that fall didn’t mean the beginning of a new school year, and this summer has been feeling endless- and has been increasing the feeling of being lost without direction. I am glad that it finally feels like fall.

It’s always been a particularly joyful season for me, and it is having the effect of ending the long summer abyss that I have been wandering lost in. Fall gives me a sense of purpose- and I couldn’t be happier that it is here.

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