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Life as of Late.

November 18, 2008

…Has been pretty good. This past weekend was very busy.

Saturday my family threw a big 80th birthday bash for my Great Auntie Ro. It was up in Cleveland and my parents were going, so they picked us up on the way. It was the first time they saw our apartment since I have moved in. Before, the apartment was simply slept in by David. He slept there, woke up, showered, went to work, came home- ate, then played video games or worked on the computer in the office… then repeat for the past 2 years. It was an apartment, shelter- and a place to store ‘stuff’. Since I moved in the amount of ‘stuff’ in the apartment has tripled (at least).  This past week David and I worked our butts off and put everything away, donated a ton, and got rid of all the extra papers (shredded of course). I have been moving around furniture and hanging up wall art and decorating like crazy. Friday night was crunch time, as we wanted our parents to be impressed when they saw our home.

Saturday morning we woke up to a sparkling clean apartment. The rugs were vacuumed, every surface virtually dust-free, kitchen floor spotless… it was beautiful.


Anyway- on the way up to Cleveland my parents stopped to pick us up. My mom and I had purchased a medicine cabinet from IKEA and we wanted my dad to install it in the bathroom (as we have ZERO storage in there). He used my new drill, and installed this beauty:

It adds SO much space, and has a really cute shiny magnetic surface. Right now we have a candid photo of my grandparents on their wedding day, and a photo of us on ours.

After installation, and sharing of our honeymoon photos we were off to Cleveland. By the time we got to my Grama’s house, everyone was there and were so happy to see us. I was happy to see them all too. I am really close with my mother’s side of my family. She has 3 brothers, and one sister, and they are all married. I have 3 grown cousins, Keith, Kevin, and Michael (we refer to them as ‘the boys’). I have two little girl cousins… they were my flower girls in my wedding. Samantha is 10, and Gracie is 4. Gracie was adopted, and somehow she fits in better than her older sister. I love them both dearly. Newest to the family is Paul Dylan, who I call “L.P.” (his dad’s name is Paul too.) He was born right before Easter this past year. We aren’t really sure- and neither are the doctors, but he was checked while he was still in the womb and has something wrong with his 19th chromosome. He seems to have some developmental issues… he about 7 months old- but can’t hold his head up and doesn’t seem to be connecting with anything. Most of the time, babies that age have strength (I’m not talking Popeye or Hulk Hogan), but they are sturdy and have obvious strength. LP is very wobbly, and is most content when he is cuddling with someone. I pray that as he gets older he gets better. My Aunt and Uncle are both in their 40’s- and I just hope that he can take care of himself.

On top of all the Aunts, uncles and cousins, I have 3 great Aunts, a great uncle, several second cousins, and a whole slew of my grandmother’s cousins and her children and grandchildren. Needless to say- family gatherings are so much fun because most of the time- everyone is there.

Because it was Saturday- college football was on, so a bunch of watched the end of the ND/Navy game, and then ate. Now it goes without saying… I have a big family- and they all happen to be Italian… so the food is always in abundance and ALWAYS delicious. David had 3 plates, I had 2. It was a cozy way to spend a Saturday.  After mucho food, drink, hugs and kisses, it was time for us to get back on the road. The drive back was not cozy. It was pouring, or snowing really hard all the way back to Columbus. We were in the truck, and my dad is an awesome driver so I wasn’t worried.

We got back to Columbus around 9:30, and David and I had heard “These Eyes” on the radio in the car, so obviously we were in the mood to watch SuperBad. We walked to Blockbuster, rented it- then came home and made popcorn in my Whirly Pop and drank Raspberry and Peach Lambic while we watched the crude and hilarious movie about high school boys. Then, we went to bed because his parents were coming to see us the next day.


We woke up early- but layed in bed until the last possible second till we had to shower before his parents got there. His dad wanted to go to mass at our church, so they got here at 11:30. His mother is non-religious, so I didn’t go to church and instead went to panera across the street to have coffee until they were done. We chatted, it was nice. After mass we went to Cap City Diner, one of Cameron Mitchells restaurants here in Columbus. I ate entirely too much- then we drove up to Easton to catch the 3:00 showing of the new James Bond movie. IMO, it was entirely too violent and there was minimal plot. It was entertaining none-the less. There were very few scenes where James and his beauties wore fancy clothes (and that is often my favorit part of those movies!). After the movie, we walked around Crate and Barrel and I dreamed what it would be like to be able to spend what I wanted in that store. Oh well, not until I get a job!

We headed back down to our restaurant and went to a mexican restaurant for dinner. I was still too full from lunch to fully enjoy my meal… which is dissappointing- i LOVE mexican food. After dinner- John and Taki headed back down to Dayton. It was a very nice day.

One thing David and I learned from this past weekend- Spending 2 days in a row spending time with each of our families is exhausting!! We love them more than anything- but I don’t think we can do it every weekend.


David and I have both been fighting off colds, and Sunday he was literally up ALL night coughing- and needless to say he didn’t get much sleep. Monday morning he woke up feeling like crap, emailed his boss, then came back to bed. We slept till noon, then I made some soup (turkey meatball and chick pea soup… delicious!) and we layed around, watched TV and played Mario cart all day. After an exhaustingly fun weekend, we needed a day to re-set. I am glad that we both got the chance to do so.

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  1. November 18, 2008 9:40 pm

    I completely agree! Family is wonderful, but boy can they wear you out!

    If you get a chance, I’d love to see pictures of all the work you’ve been doing around your home!

  2. Sarah permalink
    November 19, 2008 3:27 pm

    Yeah me too. I’m dying to see how decorating is going :).

    And one thing I’ve learned is when it comes to the parents and in laws – encounters must be spread out. Both are very close to Mike and I and frankly it’s exhausting trying to eat, play and catch up with all of them in small period of time.

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