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Grown up Feet.

January 18, 2009

Working in a professional office means one thing… dressing differently than I ever have before. Before my insurance job- I wore jeans every day, only wore converse or flip-flops and was a good day if I showered. Now, I have to wear trousers and dress shoes and make sure I don’t look like I rolled out of bed and ran to class. BOO.

I did not want to spend  a lot of money on clothes- so I have been scouring the sales at Target and Macy’s. A few weeks back I purchased 3 pairs of dress trousers for under $70 using a Macy’s gift card left over from the wedding. I have been buying sweaters on clearance at Target. So, I have clothing under control.

The thing I have had trouble with is shoes.

I hate wearing uncomfortable shoes- I really do… and when I hate doing something I have a hard time justifying spending any money on it. The problem; cheap shoes are very very uncomfortable. They are made from man-made materials that wont stretch nor give at all as you wear them. I have fairly short legs so- I have been wearing my old flats with my dress pants which allow my pants to immaturely drag on the floor in the back- which makes me look younger than I already do. (This is a constant desire of mine- to not look perpetually 16 years old).

This past week I reached my wit’s end. It snowed a lot here in Columbus, and has been very cold so nothing has melted. My usual pants dragging on the ground not only made me look sloppy- but collected slush and salt which made them wet, cold, and uncomfortable. Not cool. I hate being uncomfortable.

So… we broke down and went to Macy’s- as we still had a few gift cards. I looked at all the shoes, and didn’t find anything that I loved in my size. Before we left- I looked at the clearance (my favorite) and David picked up a pair of cute high heeled loafers by Ralph Lauren. The were in my size, adorable, and not too uncomfortable. The leather was supple and perfect. I looked at the original price- $109.99. Ouch. Then I noticed the clearance price- $59.99. Not too bad. I figured that they were good quality shoes and I was buying them with a gift card anyway- so I collected them and went to the check out counter to have the lady ring them up. I was chatting with David and not paying attention when she said “Your total is 30.57”. What?? They ended up being marked down to $28.99 because they were the last pair. Score! So- I lucked out and found myself a bargain on a really cute pair of shoes!!Please ignore the stupid grin in the photo.


Long story short- as soon as we got home I began to play dress up with my new heels. They definitely made me feel more grown up now that my pants aren’t dragging on the floor behind me.

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  1. Sarah permalink
    January 19, 2009 5:31 pm

    You know, despite my occasional hatred for Macys they tend to have good deals. Congrats on the big girl shoes. They look awesome. I want to see the whole get up so you’ll need to post a model pic 🙂

  2. snerebylime permalink
    January 20, 2009 3:10 am

    I’m starting to accept that shopping at Macys (well, department stores in general) is part of being a grown up.

    Which is laaaaaaaaaame.

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