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March 15, 2009

The last time I posted- like really posted was before inauguration day. This is not cool. I know that people come do come to this blog… I have a tracker. And I know that these people are disappointed when the content is the same every time they come. I could list millions of excuses (mostly twitter- related) why I have not updated my blog- but the important part is that I don’t waste the corner of the internet granted to me by wordpress. So- a blog for the Ides of March.

So much has happened- so I’ll list it ‘headline’ style- and I guess pretend like I am writing a newspaper.

Local Couple adopts Stray Cat, January 23, 2009
On the evening of January 23, 2009 Erica and David were coming home from  a friend’s birthday party. Pulling into their building- they noticed a small cat hiding under a car in their apartment’s parking lot. Being only 15 degrees outside they took the incredibly affectionate cat into their home. The cat was named Nico, given a few hundred dollars of veterinary attention, and became a member of their new, small family. She is now a very healthy, happy, and curious cat. 

Insurance Brokerage Agency Hires Event Planner, February 2, 2009
Large Insurance Brokerage in Columbus hired Erica, a Bowling Green graduate to be their new eMarketing Specialist and Event Planner. She will be planning any off-site meetings, dinners, and parties that the company hosts. An additional responsibility of hers will be  handling any and all of the print and eMarketing that is released on behalf of the company. She had temped at that same company since November, and when they realized that she had the qualities that they were looking for, they hired her on as full-time.

Local Ph.D. Student Wins Prize at Cancer Symposium. 
David, a local Ph.D. Student in the Molecular Biology Research department at Ohio State won second prize at the annual  Cancer Researchers Symposium on his work in breast-lung tumor metastasis. He was awarded a $100 Barnes and Noble gift certificate where he and his wife, Erica, happily purchased book and magazines to their heart’s content. 

Spring Arrives in Central Ohio
With the arrival of spring comes new exercise regimens and outdoor activity. Erica plans to continue with her running to be healthy and both Erica and David plan on getting lots of use out of their bicycles that now sit wedged in-between the wall and the futon in the office. They plan on riding their bikes this afternoon due to the warmth and sunshine they will have.  

Questions and comments can be left here or by contacting Erica or David

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