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I’m Just Here for Savasana.

March 21, 2009

We go to yoga now. It’s every Saturday morning, and Monday evening. Saturdays are relaxing and Mondays are invigorating. Favorite part: Savasana. 

Now, when I was in high school- I was in the marching band. It was a huge band with a very hippie director. We would have practices every day after school- and then on Saturdays we would have practice in the morning before we got on the busses to go to the competitions. My very favorite part of the entire band experience was before we got on the busses- we would have what our hippie director would call “attitude sessions”. 

Attitude sessions = the entire 200 member marching band laying on the floor  with eyes closed of our darkened band room while our director would lead breathing and visualization exercises. He would encourage us to free our minds of thoughts- guiding us unknowingly through meditation. Mostly the kids would use it for naps- which annoyed the director. I loved these sessions. 

Back to yoga. 

We go to classes at the community center in our town. Our teacher’s name is Vanessa and is amazing. She has a regular 9-5 job- but takes lots of classes at Yoga on High, a studio that looks amazing (though we could not afford to practice there) and teaches our yoga class. The price is super affordable- and although the ambience is not wonderful- the energy is great. Monday yoga is Ashtanga style and we sweat. Saturday is Hatha style. Both end with Savasana. 


We lay on our mats- some covered with blankets, with our eyes closed in the darkened community room while Vanessa guides us through meditation and relaxation. Some (including our friend Ryan, and an adorable small Filipino woman named Chico) end up falling asleep- complete with soft snoring. Sound familiar?


Savasana is my grown up attitude session. It is the most perfect way to end a practice.

 The best part about yoga on mondays and saturday mornings is the fact that it starts off both our weeks and weekends with lots of positive energy and good, cleansing breath. After yoga today, we had coffee with the aforementioned Ryan and his wife Jami… which is a great way to end the start a Saturday morning.

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