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My Sweet Girl Needs Your Prayers

May 6, 2009


Our Nico Girl is really sick. She hasn’t eaten much since Saturday, or had much water to drink. We don’t know what is wrong with her.

 My sister was here to visit this past weekend with some friends, so we were hoping that it was just her routine that was disrupted. Then she started to throw up… and throw up and throw up. Monday night in the middle of the night was the last time she threw up- and then Tuesday morning she finally used the litter- but since then- not really any drinking, and certainly no pooping which is the thing that the vet was very concerned about when we took her after work yesterday. 



p1000623They took blood and x-rays, and the only thing they found was a small amount of material in her stomach- which they thought might be food that she had nibbled while we were at work. She didn’t notice any obvious obstruction in her stomach or bowels- so that was a positive thing to hear. They told us that Nico was extremely dehydrated- which really scares me. The vet did notice her 4th toe on her left foot did not heal right- which we have been noticing her limping around on it. They took a close look at it and found out that the toe’s scab from the declawing must have fallen out (or have been licked out) too soon and now her bone is only covered by a small amount of skin. The poor girl must be in an incredible amount of pain. The vet told us the only way to stop the pain was to have her toe amputated- which just makes me sick to my stomach. I feel so guilty- and that I caused her to be in this much pain. The vet also said that the toe might be why she isn’t eating or drinking. She was given an anti nausea shot, several shots of fluids under her skin and was sent home to us with doses of Buprenorphine- which makes her act like a zombie but kills any pain. 

We have a lot of hard decisions to make- and some expensive ones at that. They want to amputate the toe on Friday if she isp10006671better- and if she isn’t better they want to try to decide if her bowels are obstructed or not. This may mean an additional surgery- which while we aren’t having to give up eating because of it- it’s not really something that we can afford at the moment. We’ve decided to not eat out anymore this month to make sure to be able to pay for it if (and hopefully not when) it comes. I can’t stand the thought of putting her under again- it’s not safe to do that with little animals- and she just was spayed and de-clawed only a couple months ago.

I would do anything for my sweet girl- she brings so much joy into my world and just the thought of her in pain breaks my heart. Please keep her in your prayers- I worry the stress of our move and work has rubbed off onto her- and that just isn’t fair.  All I want is for her to get better so that she can enjoy the space and huge windows (for sunbathing and bird watching) of our new apartment when we move in 2 weeks.

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  1. Sarah permalink
    May 6, 2009 10:42 pm

    Many many many prays go out to Nico and good juju too. Get well soon, sweet girl. 😦

  2. May 6, 2009 11:59 pm

    I’m so sorry that Nico is not well, and that you are going through this stress & worry. I hope and pray that it is a simple cure, –that the pain relief will help her appetite to come back, and that she gets back to normal, with some extra nurturing and TLC. I hope you won’t blame yourself, as I’m sure you take very good care of her & love her a great deal. Best wishes to Nico for a speedy recovery.
    I’m taking your quilts to the hospital tomorrow! Thank you again, so much! God bless you.

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