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Z is for Zorro

July 13, 2009


Zorro is my parent’s 5 year old bichon-poodle.  The summer I graduated from high school and was preparing to go off to college, my mom knew that the family was going to have a hard time. My sweet Toby (different story for a different day- but my best friend in the whole world- most loyal sweet dog ever) had been dead for 2 years… and it was time for our empty home to welcome a new dog.

We found him 2 weeks before I went to college… mom saw an ad in the paper really early one morning and we drove 45 minutes to look at the one puppy that was left in the litter. We showed up to a run-down house in the middle of nowhere with a GIANT confederate flag hanging in the front window, and heard dogs barking…. LOTS of dogs.

My mom, sister and I bravely rang the door bell- not knowing what to expect… and a lady comes from around the back yard and tells us to follow her. She had a house dress on, a mess of gray hair on top of her head, and a warm smile. The dogs are still howling. We go in the gate and all three of us gasp. There are at least 2 bichons, 1 or 2 miniature poodles, a chihuahua, a toy poodle, and 6 of the cutest puppies we have ever seen. all the dogs RUN over to us and it’s a mess of joyful wagging and sniffing.

The yard is small with no grass (because of the dogs running she explains) , and there is a little decorative pond in the corner that she says she cannot keep the puppies out of.

The lady shows us which dog was the mother, (a poodle that had slightly gray ears) and the father was a bichon. Both dogs have an amazing temperament. She chases down a small black and white mess of dirt and fluff, and tells us that he is the last one to get a home.

The problem with puppies is that once you hold a little body like that and you see the pure glee that is being a puppy- you can’t not take them home with you. We took lots of photos of the puppies- my favorite was of Lydia holding about 3 of them (I’ll have to find that one). We paid the lady and she cried as we drove away with the first of the 6 puppies to leave home.

We named the little dog Cohen. It was 2004, and the OC was BIG that year. My sister and I were both in love with Seth Cohen on the show, and it seemed to be a perfect fit. The first night I pseudo-slept on the floor of my bedroom in a sleeping bag with the puppy. I didn’t get very much sleep because the moment I would think he was sleeping and move back into my bed, he would start to cry. He missed his pack. His family.

The next day my dad was playing with him in the kitchen and says “You’re not a Cohen- Cohen’s a sissy name. I think you are a ZORRO” and honest to god, that little dog let out his best puppy pip-squeak bark. And so his name was Zorro (which honestly fit SO well)

To this day My dad and Zorro are the best friends EVER. My dad works out of the house and so he is home all day with the dog. Zorro knows some amazing tricks- is extremely trained- and has a fantastic disposition. He’s a great cuddler- a fantastic walking partner, just great company all the way around. He is the highlight of my trips home.

11162498me and the Beenie ( my nick name for him) while i was home last

I am glad that he got to kick off my a-z (or z-a) mondays. Amazing Blogger KBL 2 ORD 2 SAN 2 LUV does it every monday, and I figured since they are starting over, I might as well hop in.

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