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One more Bit of News…

September 16, 2009

Mike called!!!

Last night… around 6. David put him on speaker phone…

He called to say ‘thank you’ for everything, and that he was in a lot of pain (understandably).  He let us know that his parents would be moving down to Baltimore and living in his apartment- and Jenn would be moving in with her grandmother as she goes through treatment for pancreatic cancer. He told us he ate a pork chop, and that “tomorrow he would be starting his rejuvenation period” when what he meant to say was rehabilitation. As Emily pointed out, rejuvenation was such a joyful (though accidental) choice of words. He was heavily medicated, because he had an incredibly painful surgery that morning to repair his broken Knee-cap and MCL that he severed. Someone must have come in the room (a doctor maybe?) and he had to go.  It was a lovely conversation.

phonecall copy

After seeing the photo of him, and then getting the phone call… my heart is at ease, and I know that he’ll be alright. I saw a photo of him right after the accident- attached to a ventilator, in a coma, and that’s the only image I had in my head. I feel better now- even though the next few months are going to be really hard, i know that he’ll be alright.

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  1. barefaced permalink
    September 18, 2009 9:24 am

    YAY for Mike!!!!!!!!!!

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