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Keeping up with NaBloPoMo

January 19, 2010

…Today is the first day it’s been hard to think of something (and let’s be honest- find the time) to blog.

Tonight two of my girlfriends came over for craft night. Let me translate… (craft night = we drink a bottle of wine, make dinner (tonight, make your own pizzas) talk for hours, and at the very end get out our craft projects to look at.)

It was lovely. Daveo hid in the bedroom- girl time isn’t really his favorite. I sure need it though… and he knows it, so he is more than happy to disappear for the evening.

Right now, I’m exhausted. So- it’s bed time. Sorry I told you that I would have a photo of invitations. I took the pictures of them today at work, but was too busy to upload or download anything.

Maybe tomorrow…

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  1. January 20, 2010 11:44 am

    Girl time is essential. I’m glad that David understands. Gregg tends to greet the friends, and then disappear, too. He went to see a movie on the night that I had the “Julie & Julia” party.

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