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My life lately (& Sorry!)

March 1, 2010

There are no excuses. I really, really dropped the ball in February. Can you believe it’s over? I can’t- but… after all the snow that columbus has dumped on us, I sure am happy.

I’ve been doing more freelance work lately, which sucks up my computer time… but again- there are no excuses. I might just try NaBloPoMo again… this counts as day 1 right?

Did you know I’m on Twitter? Did you know that I am pretty terribly obsessed with it? Well, you can find out what I am up to… a few times a day at

I seem to be taking more and more photos on my phone lately, so for the sake of a post- here are a few.

A Valentine’s day treasure, found at Mary Catherine’s Antiques in the Short North. It’s an “American Victory” trumpet, circa 1950. it smelled terrible, was awfully disgusting, but I cleaned it up, and it played well. Did you know that I played the trumpet in high school? I did. and now, like my father, I feel like I am going to have the bad habit of buying instruments that I do not need. You can see Nico investigating.

A really hopeful fortune cookie I got last week.

Blood Oranges at the Greener Grocer at the North Market. Aren’t they lovely? It’s the background on my phone.

This, is Ohio on a major highway that I take home from work. (270). it took forever to get home that night. This has been Columbus’ snowiest February in years and years. {bring on the spring}

Here are some save the dates that I made for our company picnic at the Zoo that I’m planning. They were given to all the members of our company’s management team at their quarterly meeting. They were a WILD success!

Bad cat sitting on the laptop. It must have been keeping her little buns toasty!

Ranunculus. My new favorite flower. These came from The Rose Bredl in the Short North. They’re beautiful!

A photo from our most recent craft night where we drank wine, ate fondue, watched the Olympics and did no crafts.

Calligraphy mishap with the cat. She does not care if I have ink all over my hands when she wants a head rub!

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  1. March 2, 2010 1:39 am

    No need to apologize – it’s your life! But it’s lovely to see your photos and get caught up. I loved the fondue night…that sounds like a fun idea. Blessings to you, Nico and David!

  2. barefaced permalink
    March 2, 2010 8:33 pm

    Sorry? What for? I haven’t written squat. HAHAHA!!! Love the pics and the update. I want to see some of those beautiful invites you’ve been pumping out. 🙂 And I am jealous of your craft night. I want one too!!!

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