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Sunday / Lydia’s Visit

April 25, 2010

Do you feel like you need another photo of the creature that makes me so happy? Because I think that you might. I may have gone a little crazy taking photos of her… but she sits so still and has those big green eyes that photograph so well. It’s getting warmer out, and she’s shedding. Her fur comes off in big giant clumps, and if I’m without a lint roller- I look like a crazy cat lady covered (COVERED) in cat hair.


My sister had an interview to work as an educator / counselor at a state forest up near Cleveland on friday morning. She drove 5 hours from Lexington to get there on Thursday, spent the night, then had the interview on friday. She thought it went really well- and hopes that she gets the job. Instead of driving the 5 hours back to Lexington Friday- she drove 2 to Columbus and spent the evening and Saturday with me and the husband. As a graduation present I took her to my stylist to get a good hair cut.

She did an amazing job, and Lydia LOVES her new ‘do. (Liz, my stylist is pregnant- due on 10-1-10 🙂 It’ll be her second child and she couldn’t be more excited)

After the haircut, we went to an open house for a new arts community that has just been announced to launch. It’s right in our neighborhood- and used to be the Wonderbread Bakery in Columbus. The building is super old, built in 1916, and will need lots of renovations. The open house had lots of food and PBR donated by local restaurants and a presentation about the vision of the community. It’s going to be called Wonderland, and house what they have been calling a creative ecosystem. There will be co-working space, artist studios, musician practice rooms, gallery space, retail, and a yoga / dance studio. They had the architect who will be handling the design of the renovations speak, and the plans seem really ambitious. Right now it’s a 2 story warehouse that’s full of really outdated bread making equipment. The vision is to turn it into a light-filled vibrant space. I can’t wait 🙂

Lyd in Wonderland with a fab hair cut (Thanks, Liz!), David in Wonderland, and Me in Wonderland

After the presentation we went to pick up my cousin Keith, who goes to OSU, to go to dinner. We went to Dirty Franks, which is a gourmet hot dog restaurant. mmm-mm. No photos of the food from that night, but here is Keith, Lyd and I waiting for a table outside.

After dinner we dropped Keith back off at his apartment, and then decided to just go home and relax. Lyd is a full time student, has an internship on campus AND works several shifts at a steakhouse in Lexington. She needed a night to simply relax. We went home, the three of us got into PJs, and picked out a movie from Netflix. After 15 minutes David turned off the movie because we both fell asleep almost instantly!

The next morning, we went to a little place called Chef-o-nette for breakfast. The decor hasn’t changed since the mid 60’s, nor has the menu. The food is really good, and extremely cheap. The 3 of us had big breakfasts for $20. Lydia left after we ate. It was a nice visit!

This was over David’s birthday weekend- but it’s still family, and that makes me happy. AND it’s a really great photo of everyone.

(left to right: Taki, Mom, Dad, Me, David, John)

Today it’s raining off and on. This morning we walked to a coffee shop in the neighborhood for breakfast. It was sunny and humid then- but all I needed was a hot cup of coffee- and a blueberry scone from Pattycake Bakery, a vegan bakery here in Columbus. There were giant juicy blueberries baked right into the scone and heated up in the microwave for a few seconds it was just perfect for breakfast.

The rain just started again… and I might just fire up the crock pot and join the cat on the couch for an afternoon nap. Enjoy your Sunday!!

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  1. barefaced permalink
    April 25, 2010 2:23 pm

    Loving every photo you take. Love love LOVE!

  2. April 25, 2010 5:07 pm

    What a great weekend & visit! Love the photos. Your whole family is adorable, including Nico!

    Your hair stylist seems to be very talented. Every so often, I think I’d love a creative new hairdo – but I’d need more hair for her to work with! That new do looks great on your sis, and I’ll bet it makes her feel like a new woman. Good idea for a gift!

  3. cindy permalink
    April 25, 2010 7:13 pm

    Great recap of the weekend. I miss you as sisters, I don’t see the two of you at the same time very often.

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